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400x400 website module toolkitEvery week across the United Kingdom companies and individuals just like you are coming up with great fundraising ideas to bring people together, learn new skills, raise funds and have fun in the process!

In this pack attach as PDF you will find ideas and inspiration to develop and run an EIC fundraiser.

Fundraising Pack
Sponsorship Pack

The EIC can provide you with loads of support including resources for posters, media releases, ticketing, money collection, social media promotion.

Virgin Money Giving

400x400 website module Virgin

Virgin Money Giving is a great tool to contribute to the EIC via fundraising or donation. It is EIC’s preferred online fundraising

Virgin Money Giving is a fundraising platform where you can collect money for a fundraising initiative online and assign all the funds directly to your Charity of choice (takes away all the paperwork).

EIC Icon ArrowRight Orange    Why use Virgin money giving?
EIC Icon ArrowRight Orange    You can set up a website for your EIC fundraising events.
EIC Icon ArrowRight Orange    You can set up a donations page for an organised event (for example the London Marathon).
EIC Icon ArrowRight Orange    You can make a donation to the Electrical Industries Charity.
EIC Icon ArrowRight Orange    You can contribute to sponsorship events or campaigns organised by others who are raising money
            for the EIC.
EIC Icon ArrowRight Orange    Fundraisers and donors can be 100% confident that Virgin isn’t making a profit on their donation and that
            more of their hard-earned cash is going to the cause they’re passionate about.
EIC Icon ArrowRight Orange    Charities get to know they’re paying the lowest fees Virgin Money Giving is able to offer (because the
            business isn’t run for profit) and that they’re given the tools and information that means they can run
            more effective fundraising campaigns.
EIC Icon ArrowRight Orange    and Virgin Money, who have invested millions of pounds in getting the website up and running,
            benefits because more people know a little bit about them and what they do – something that never
            does any harm in business.
EIC Icon ArrowRight Orange    So it’s really very simple.

On the Virgin Money Giving site go to the Electrical Industries Charity page

Gift Aid

400x400 website module GiftAid

Gift aid form


Do you pay tax? If so, make your donation worth even more to the Electrical Industries Charity. For every £1 you give, we can claim an extra 25p back from HM Revenue and Customs — at no extra cost to you! When you donate to us through Virgin Money Giving we are able to claim Gift Aid on eligible donations.

This service donate's a percentage of sales to the EIC - at no cost to you - each time you make a purchase online from over 2 700 retailers.

Simply by registering your details at you will be fundraising for the EIC every time you shop.

Fundraise for the Electrical Industries Charity when you shop online.

STEP 1: Register on the EIC's easyfundraising page

STEP 2: Sign up for the reminder service  and just one click will donate a percentage of the sale to the Electrical Industries Charity

Not only is your shopping helping the EIC, once you have registered with easyfundraising you are eligible to receive discount offers that will save you money.  

Over 2,700 retailers will donate to us, at no cost to you, every time you buy

In addition to making a contribution to our fundraising, all registered shoppers receive discount retail coupons to use.

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