How we raised the Charity's funds

The financial statements incorporate the results of the newly incorporated trading subsidiary Electrical Industries Trading Limited.

The company was set up as a fundraising subsidiary during the period to administer powerBall 2015.

Our annual report and group accounts provide a detailed analysis of our performance over the year, together with a summary of our achievements over the range of activities we undertake.

They contain the annual Trustees’ Report, Auditors’ Report and Financial Statements for each financial year to 31st March and are filed with the Charity Commission.

The Electrical Industries Charity is benevolent charity managed by Trustees, whose purpose is to provide people in the electrical industries a hand-up in their time of need.

The financial objective of the Charity is to grow real value of the investment portfolio whilst generating a stable and sustainable return; to fund a shortfall of income and to ensure grant giving remains at 25% or higher of total income. The inflation measure most relevant to the Charity’s expenditure is the Retail Price Index. 

The Charity has approximately £5m in a balanced investment portfolio with Investment Managers, UBS. 

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