Donations go to people just like you who are facing very difficult times, but if you would like to make a large donation to support a specific cause or programme please get in touch with us to discuss where you would like your money to go.

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To discuss donations please contact Tessa Ogle on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone 0203 696 1710

Gifts of money to UK charities by companies are made before tax is deducted (i.e. out of gross income or profits) so no Gift Aid declaration is required. Companies can claim tax relief for donations to UK charities as a charge against income in their corporation tax computation. There are also tax effective ways of donating equipment, stock or manpower. For more information about tax when your limited company gives to charity visit

The challenges your donations solve are very specific and life-changing.

Providing scholarships and bursaries to young apprentices

Assistance for people battling cancer, including but not limited to: direct financial grants; advocacy and family support.

Advocating with Councils and other Agencies to manage housing or debt crises

Keeping workers on track when cost of living expenses are impacted by factors outside of their control

When unemployment strikes, life can change very quickly. We help people transition to new opportunities while they keep mind and body together.

Modifying a home to care for a seriously disabled or ill family member

Providing additional resources when parents or caregivers are no longer able to provide due to disability or illness

Assisting people caring for a family member with special needs, and in financial distress

Providing mobility services and associated modifications for people with disabilities or chronic illness not covered by government grants

You make a difference

£1 buys you a powerLottery ticket. In a calendar year, Lottery funds over £400,000 in vital services!!!

£5 for transport to a job interview

£20 for essential clothing

£50 feeds a family in distress

£60 provides help for someone to find a new role in the industry

£100 buys warmth for someone who cannot pay their utility bill and is at risk. Remember that ill health is often behind an individual’s inability to cover life’s basic expenses; causing death in extreme temperatures.

£200 supplies an apprentice under financial pressure with tools to keep them in the workplace environment. Did you know many apprentices are supporting one or more relatives during their training period? Assisting them now creates an economic and social benefit for life!

£500 pays for a respite break for people caring for relatives with dementia. Often carers are at serious risk of mental and physical health breakdown. Caring is a role we don’t know we can do….until we are called on to do it.

£1000 helps get a person mobile! Not the phone type of mobile but an absolute essential item for a child, worker or retiree who has been born with or contracted a disease or disability that stops them from walking, catching public transport and regular driving/riding activities.

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