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The Electrical Industries Charity powerLottery is a lottery which benefits our sector while giving you the chance to win forty cash prizes a month ranging from £50 to £1,000 monthly and even the chance to win a huge £10,000 bi-yearly. The powerLottery is one of the biggest revenue streams for the charity and it is a great way to give back to our industry while giving yourself the chance to win big. We crown 40 winners a month and by playing the powerLottery you are helping to support our sector by donating vital funds. As an individual player you can sign up to the powerLottery through direct debit meaning every month you will get the chance to win incredible cash prizes while supporting our sector. Just simply click the ‘play now’ button above and keep your fingers crossed. Here is what you have the chance to win monthly with EIC’s powerLottery:

powerlottery prizes

Workplace powerLottery

The workplace powerLottery is a brilliant way for your whole business to support our industry. It works the same as the regular powerLottery but it is facilitated through your payroll.

This is how the workplace powerLottery works:

Workplace Lottery Process Employee
Workplace Lottery Process Company