How has the lock-down got you feeling? We share our team's top tips you can use and ways to look after your wellbeing during lockdown.

Are you using the time to spruce up some garden furniture? Have you cleared out your wardrobe or are you getting fit with The Body Coach? Maybe you're using the time to catch up on that Netflix series everyone is talking about or maybe you've taken up baking, cooking or sushi making. Whatever you're doing in this strange period of lock-down, it is so important to stay positive.

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The power of positivity

We all know that positive thinking is essential. The power of the mind is truly incredible, and it is true that if we think positively, we can alter our mindset, our actions and even our outcomes. However, in a lock down situation where our families, partners, friends feel so far away it can be difficult to remain positive. But here are some tips to help you keep positive in this uncertain situation.

1. Make an effort to try and always see the bright side 

Sometimes it can be difficult to see the glass half full but it has been proven in scientific studies that optimists are healthier and live longer. Become an optimist. It might be raining but at least you won't have to water the plants. Or, in the times of COVID-19, I'm not stuck indoors, I have for the first time in my lifetime to read, watch TV, learn trivia, garden, learn origami... the list is endless!

2. Create a positive environment for yourself 

Surround yourself with positivity. This is a trickier one as you can't choose who you isolate with but you can create a positive environment by what you watch, what conversations you choose to engage with, what you read and how you react to what's around you. Consume and engage with things that make you smile and you'll soon start being a half glass full-er.

3. Exercise

Exercise is so closely linked to your mental health and thus your positive attitude. There are so many inventive ways that you can exercise and with so many videos now available on both YouTube and Instagram you can exercise from your front room. Try a 10-minute low impact workout or try create a circuit in your own garden. Get the kids involved and build an obstacle course you can change over and over again.

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Ways to look after your wellbeing during lockdown

You may have noticed across our social platforms the different tips and ways to look after your well being during this period but if you haven't here's some of our favourite tips in one handy list!

  1. Plan your day. As tempting as it might be to stay in pyjamas all day, regular routines are essential for our identity, self-confidence and purpose.

  2. Catch up, virtually! Arrange a cuppa and video call with someone who may be feeling low right now.

  3. Sometimes the best way to escape is to switch it off. Stay clear of social media and news for the day and instead catch up with those most important to you.

  4. One day a week get ready as if you were going out. Whether it's a dash of aftershave, slipping into a shirt or doing your hair and make-up. Try and change it up one day a week and feel like a celebrity from your sofa.

  5. Self-care is still important. You may be interacting with less people or not going anywhere to fancy for the time being but take the time to fire up that foot spa you got for Christmas. Or, why not cook a really lovely three-course meal just for you and your family? Who says the occasion can't be staying in?

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It's OK to have not OK days

Remember, it's okay to have a glass half empty days. It's okay to wake up and want to stay in your PJS. It's okay to not do that 20 minute high impact work out and watch seventeen episodes of that Netflix series instead. It's okay to feel low and it's okay to feel uncertain. It's okay to have a ready meal for your tea and it's okay to not feel positive every day. Just remember that although you may have these low days a brighter day will always come, where positivity will shine through.

We can't wait to see you at an EIC event soon, but until then - keep safe, keep well and keep positive!

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