The Charity is pleased to release our EIC-EAP programme for business. The EIC has several workplace programmes that are extremely beneficial to employers and employees, which function as industry-specific Employee Assistance Programmes (or EAPs). Member benefits are available free to anyone in the industry and their immediate family members, offering a broad range of benefits designed to help in times of need.

  • Legal support with divorce, custody battles, will & estate issues.
  • Counselling: telephone or in person. 
  • Financial assistance and grants (grant sizes range from £100 to £250k).
  • Carer support such as respite breaks; mobility equipment; any medical support needed to help people remain independent.
  • Complex case management support: assigned case worker to do anything to help get you back on your feet, from grant writing on your behalf to sorting out benefits or medical forms.
  • Support for autism and dyslexia, managers training and educational support for pre- and post-diagnosis. 
  • Debt advice – how to manage debt and get ahead with professional advice and assistance.
  • Electrical engineering scholarships – a helping hand for future engineers through scholarship funds.
  • Apprentice scholarships – we can help meet the real costs of gaining a qualification.
  • Apprentice bursary scheme – additional financial support for apprentices with carer responsibilities.
  • Career development and transition assistance – we can help you make the leap between jobs or stages of life.

By signing up you will receive a range of charity materials to support staff awareness to help protect your most valuable assets – your people.

These include: 

  • Business certificate stating you are registered for the EAP program and logo for email signatures.
  • Toolbox safety briefing sheets on key topics affecting our industry (accessed through a portal).
  • Staff benefits presentation (accessed through a portal).
  • Charity videos (accessed through a portal).
  • Charity case studies to use on your intranet site (accessed through a portal).
  • Quarterly programme of employee engagement activities.
  • A catalogue of materials to support staff awareness with a simple tick box delivery form if you need anything printed.

What we ask for in return is permission to contact you every quarter to provide an update on relevant cases, safety toolbox topics and pertinent EAP updates (such as new services) to communicate back to your staff. 

We like to work collaboratively with all of our signed up members - any forms of communication that you wish to utilise to promote the EAP we would be more than happy to support you on. We want your staff to know that we are here should they ever need our services. 

Register your business for the EIC EAP by contacting:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The ASP delivers financial grants and practical assistance to apprentices and their families.

An apprentice going through a rough patch at home that puts their work performance at risk needs support to allow progression, and achieve a lifetime of productive, satisfying work.

Supporting the industry through education is a key focus for the Electrical Industries Charity and the launch of the Apprenticeship Support Programme is designed to help young people deal with some of the key challenges that affect them as they embark on their career.

The Employee and Family Support Programme (EFP) is our flagship programme, developed specifically for the working heartland of our industry. It is designed to make an immediate and sustainable positive impact on your business and your people.

Staff productivity is a critical factor for any organisation but equally as important is recognising the personal life of employees. Staff productivity is an important factor for any organisation but equally as important is recognising that the personal life of employees is central to their wellbeing.

When things go wrong the Electrical Industries Charity is here to help with a range of services which address issues such as family or relationship problems through to debt advice, ill health and disability.

For many people, being retired means a reduced income which can leave individuals struggling to pay household bills, unsecured debts, or both. Any unexpected expenses, such as replacing a broken appliance may become difficult to cover.

Businesses adopting the PSP can reach out to their retired colleagues in need, often providing a vital community connection that can be lost in retirement.

The Charity can provide a hand up with financial grants and assistance services. To achieve the best outcomes for our PSP clients we work seamlessly with a broad range of professional charitable and service providers across the community, health, welfare, legal, financial and psychology spectrum.

Our invaluable stakeholders within the electrical and energy industries are perfectly placed to support this initiative. When handing out financial grants to people in need of building rectification or modification to assist with disability access, we often require practical assistance in terms of building materials, engineering and installation skills and equipment to support the upgrades.

Another way our industry can support the Charity is to participate in our Practical Support Programme which allows individuals and companies to provide services and materials on a voluntary basis and as a result dramatically reduce the cost of these projects.

The Practical Participation Programme harnesses your specialist skills in terms of time, equipment and materials - providing practical help where it is needed most.

To download our programme brochure click here.

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