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The EIC enjoys great relationships with:

EIC Icon ArrowRight Orange    Electrical, electronic and energy organisations
EIC Icon ArrowRight Orange    Charity providers
EIC Icon ArrowRight Orange    Media partners
EIC Icon ArrowRight Orange    Industry associations

Industry partnerships that reach more people.

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The ECA has been a driving force in the electrical engineering and building services industry since its formation in 1901. Today, many organisations that are involved in improving industry standards and embracing positive change do so as a direct result of ECA involvement or alternatively engage with the ECA on an ongoing basis.

All ECA member firms qualify for support under a joint partnership between the Electrical Industry Charity and the ECA.

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The JIB is an impartial organisation that sets the standards for employment, welfare, grading and apprentice training in the electrical contracting industry. Their work is targeted at improving the industry, its status and productivity.

All JIB members qualify for support under a joint partnership between the Electrical Industry Charity and the JIB.

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The EDA was formed in 1998, having been previously known as the Electrical Wholesalers Federation (established in 1914) and we represent the electrical wholesale distribution industry within the UK. Their members account for around 80% of the industry and include the biggest names in the industry, as well as regional and local family run operations. 

All EDA members qualify for support under a joint partnership between the Electrical Industry Charity and the EDA.


NAPIT have been at the forefront of electrical safety and have campaigned for higher standards within the building services industry for over 25 years. As a leading certification body for electricians, NAPIT provides a range of essential services to ensure your business succeeds.

All NAPIT members qualify for support under a joint partnership between the Electrical Industries Charity and NAPIT.

Charity Partnerships

Greater support through charity partnerships 

National Autistic Society

The National Autistic Society is the UK’s leading charity for people affected by all types of Autism, helping people living with the condition to cope with this serious lifelong disability and lead the life they choose. We identified Autism spectrum conditions as particularly affecting people in the engineering sector. 

We work together to provide a wide range of bespoke services:

EIC Icon ArrowRight Orange    Use of the National Autism Helpline, links to local networks, regular news updates and discounts
             on publications

EIC Icon ArrowRight Orange    Substantial online information and support for people affected by Autism

EIC Icon ArrowRight Orange    Pre-diagnosis support offering telephone advice and guidance to parents, carers and individuals seeking
             information regarding diagnosis pathways and understanding the process

EIC Icon ArrowRight Orange    Transition Support service providing impartial, advice and support to parents and carers of children and
             young people making the transition from school tovadult life or further education

EIC Icon ArrowRight Orange    Education advocacy services, offering advice and support on educational provision and entitlement and
             support on welfare rights and community care for those affected by Autism

EIC Icon ArrowRight Orange    Use of a confidential telephone support line run by parents for parents

EIC Icon ArrowRight Orange    Understanding autism online modules-Ask Autism, an online resource designed and co‐produced
             by autistic adults, and it provides a unique ‘insider’ perspective.

Fuel Poverty - nPower Health Through Warmth 

The Health Through Warmth scheme is an npower community initiative that was set up in 2000, working together with the NHS and National Energy Action (NEA), the national fuel poverty charity. Health Through Warmth aims to help people with cold related illnesses to have heating and insulation installed which they couldn't afford without financial assistance from the scheme and other sources. From January 2012, the geographical scope of the Health Through Warmth scheme increased and its services are now available to vulnerable residents throughout England and Wales. Health Through Warmth manager, Elaine Midwinter, wants the Electrical Industries Charity and other charities to know that they can refer people in need and by taking a part in this process they will have a vital role to play in how successful we are in reaching those whose health is most at risk from cold living conditions.... 

In the UK, approximately seven million people don't have sufficient heating in their homes*, which can adversely affect the health of vulnerable individuals. People with chronic condi-tions, such as cardiovascular or respiratory diseases are the most likely to be adversely af-fected by cold living environments. 

Charitable organisation are in an ideal position to identify people likely to need help from the scheme and referrals from the third sector are most welcome. This year, for the first time, the scheme is available across England and Wales, meaning that many more people will be able to benefit from help with heating and insulation to resolve cold living conditions that aggra-vate their health. There are no age restrictions when making referrals to the scheme and peo-ple don't have to be or become npower customers.

npower Health Through Warmth relies on health and other community professionals to refer vulnerable people for help with heating and insulation measures. When carrying out work, contractors are always selected by Health Through Warmth from approved lists so clients don't have to worry about getting quotes. 

A person's level of warmth, comfort and quality of life can be greatly improved not only by having heating installed or repaired but also by adding insulation if it is needed, and the Elec-trical Industries Charity and other charities can play part in helping achieve this by referring people in need. 

Eligibility criteria for Health Through Warmth

EIC Icon ArrowRight Orange    A long-term, cold related illness 
EIC Icon ArrowRight Orange    Inadequate heating and/or insulation 
EIC Icon ArrowRight Orange    Low household income, with little or no savings (assessed) 
EIC Icon ArrowRight Orange    Homeowner (resident at property for over 1 year) Measures Health Through Warmth can assist with: 
EIC Icon ArrowRight Orange    Cavity wall and loft insulation 
EIC Icon ArrowRight Orange    Boiler repair or replacement
EIC Icon ArrowRight Orange    Heating systems or appliances
EIC Icon ArrowRight Orange    Access to grants and other funds
EIC Icon ArrowRight Orange    Energy efficiency advice

If you would like help and support via the scheme please contact our assess assistance line on the free number 0800 652 1618.


  • We all value the team spirit shown by our runners in raising funds for the EIC.

    We all value the team spirit shown by our runners in raising funds for the EIC.

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