As the need for our assistance grows at a high rate from the Electrical Industry and its employees, our overall resources as a Charity are becoming increasingly stretched, and certainly in the last 18 months are failing to keep up with ever growing demands particularly around mental health and bereavement.

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The methods we deploy for fundraising are reliant upon Social Events within the Industry where the charity provides a calendar of Events up and down the country. All the proceeds raised at these events go directly back into the Charity and remain in our industry.

Our Investment Portfolio can't be relayed on to continuously meet the funding shortfall. although the investment does reasonably well it would have to be switched to high risk to meet the increasing funding demand which is simply not in the best interests of the Charity going forward.

The above two areas continue to perform in a robust manner, and go some way to funding our charity. Nevertheless, as the demand increases we have a choice: Increase our revenues, or readdress the scope of the Charity. Clearly the latter is something we would prefer not to do, so the other areas of fundraising are where we need your help:


Encourage all your Employees / Colleagues / Family to take part for just a £1 a month with the opportunity to win up to 40 prizes per month and two £10,000 grand prizes a year.

Company / Corporate Support and Donation:

We are finding within the Charity more and more requests to support Organisations with their Social Charter / Mental Health Training etc, which we are happy to do. However, this can be very time consuming and comes at a large cost to the Charity, which is in addition to the increasing case workload. Financial Recognition of this additional support would aid us considerably. We appreciate all the support no matter how big or small we receive, however clearly like every business we must live within our means, and the more we receive the more we can do to help and support our industry with a sustainable future. If you can support the EIC then please pledge a donation to our VirginMoney page.

We can give a hand-up to everyone in our industry.

Will you help us reach those in need? Learn how you can get involved.