powerLottery give its players 40 chances to win cash prizes every month ranging from £50 to £1,000 not only this but when you play powerLottery you get even more opportunity to win big with a £10,000 draw bi-yearly. Think of all the different ways you could spend £10,000. A new car, a holiday in the sun, a kitchen re-fit or a brand-new wardrobe.

The only way to make sure you’re in with a chance to win is by playing powerLottery, the only lottery made by our industry for our industry. The powerLottery helps to fund essential Electrical Industries Charity Services like counselling, food vouchers, emergency heating grants, school uniforms and specialist support. The Electrical Industries Charity also uses powerLottery funds to assist in workplace liaison. Often, industry members approach the Charity unsure on how to improve their workplace, tackle a workplace issue or speak to their manager, the Charity case worker team can help support you in all of this.

Maria approached the Charity due to the menopausal symptoms she was experiencing. Daily Maria, a shift worker within a factory, suffered hot flushes, migraines, and leg stiffness. Her sleep had been adversely affected too. Maria experienced night sweats and her mood was low, she felt unmotivated, sluggish and at times depressed.

Within Maria’s factory role there was a lot of physical work. Maria stood for long periods of time and her menopausal symptoms were making work very difficult. In the beginning Maria soildered on and preserved with her high discomfort. On some days Maria did have to call in sick and she felt extremely guilty for doing so. Speaking the Charity caseworker team Maria explained she felt anxious when she called in sick and felt colleagues and her manager would be speaking badly of her. The menopause is experienced by almost half of the world’s population but within workplaces it is an uncomfortable subject. The Electrical Industries Charity understood Maria’s discomfort in opening up to her manager, Tim, but encouraged her to do so. Maria spoke to Tim who was very understanding and recommended she spoke with her GP to explore ways to alleviate her symptoms. Maria’s GP spoke through her options with her and armed with different treatment options Maria spoke to the Electrical Industries Charity again to gain impartial advice on each option. Maria settled on Hormone Replacement Therapy which reduced some of the discomfort she was experiencing.

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To help eliminate Maria’s discomfort at work the Electrical Industries Charity worked with Tim to help him support Maria. Through funds generated by the powerLottery the EIC can help assist in successful return to works and employee wellbeing programmes. The Charity devised a flexible working plan with Tim and Maria was invited to work flexible shifts. Consequently, Maria could now split her shifts in half or work on bi-weekly basis so she could rest when needed. Tim also agreed to paid leave for Maria if she needed to attend a medical appointment and fortnightly check-ins were made to ensure Maria was coping. To support her physical health Tim created a lower workbench area so Maria could sit down where possible. The area was equipped with a fan and a water cooler which could be used by colleagues on the factory floor.

discomfort at work

The changes within Maria’s workplace supported by the Electrical Industries Charity and the powerLottery meant Maria felt valued by Tim and her workplace. Maria’s changing needs were catered for and her colleagues who may have suffered in silence now had a place of refuge. The powerLottery is key in helping our colleagues be the best they can be and our workplaces be even better.

To sign up to play the powerLottery click here: https://www.electricalcharity.org/lottery

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