In difficult times the support of your family makes a huge difference, such as a family member coming to an appointment with you or looking after you following an operation. However, sometimes further help is needed and that’s why the Electrical Industries Charity provides the Employee and Family Support Programme (EFP).

Every time you play powerLottery - the Charity’s number one fundraising stream, much-needed funds are generated to help families who are facing challenging times in the electrical industry. This is integral to EFP which is part of the Employee Assistance Programme (EAP).

As a result of powerLottery, the Charity has helped numerous families manage difficult periods in their lives by taking care of the big things and relieving pressure off people’s shoulders whether that be financial, physical or emotional. This in turn allows families to enjoy precious and happier moments together and concentrate on the future.

William Rhodes and his family are one of many to have been supported by EIC. William was born with a rare condition called Diamond Blackfan Anaemia which means he has to have blood transfusions every three weeks.

His father Ben contacted the Charity for support and EIC has helped cover expenses for travel, accommodation and food for the family when William has been into hospital.

However, having his own football pitch was William’s number one wish and the Charity made this dream become a reality by installing one in his garden using artificial grass and floodlights so that it can be used all year round. There are days when William struggles with his ongoing treatment, however, his football pitch keeps him motivated and stronger as he knows that once he feels better, he can go outside and play.

For just £1, you can make the world of difference to families like William’s by simply playing powerLottery. To sign up today, contact:

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