Overcoming an addiction is an incredibly tough challenge. The NHS estimates that just under one in 10 men and one in 20 women in the UK show signs of alcohol dependence. Very often, addiction is an early warning sign of mental health problems, therefore quick intervention is critical.

Being diagnosed with cancer can come as a huge shock to anyone and can bring confusion, anger and uncertainty which can be difficult to cope with financially emotionally and physically.

It is not always easy to spot if somebody is experiencing mental ill health, which can come in many different forms and in some cases are dismissed all too easily as something minor. Turning a blind eye to certain behaviour, or just hoping a person is ‘going through a phase’ and will be okay after a while could lead to a further deterioration in a person’s mental health.

When a couple enters into marriage, the aim is for marital bliss and to stay together ‘until death do us part’. Unfortunately, unforeseen problems such as pressures at work, illness or financial concerns can cause friction in a marriage and ultimately this can lead to divorce. Subsequently, this can impact the whole family both physically and emotionally…

When problems develop in a relationship as a result of an addiction it can be the cause of great distress, creating feelings of anger, sadness, grief and isolation and can often lead to further problems for the whole family.

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Relationship abuse can take many different forms. It involves more than physical violence. It can be when someone puts you down and makes you feel worthless and useless, telling you that you are mad or ill or making false allegations and accusations.

When you are looking after someone, especially in difficult circumstances, they are your main priority and often any thoughts of your own needs or wellbeing are long forgotten.

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