In September of 2019 a group of eleven explorers, including the Electrical Industries Charity’s (EIC) CEO and MD Tessa Ogle, took to the Himalayas in a bid to reach Everest Base Camp and raise as much money as they could for our sector.

Despite some initial poor weather which meant the team didn’t set off for camp until two days after their expected departure, their journey was incredible. The group became close-knit and the sense of accomplishment every member felt was undeniable. Since returning home the group have began to recover and have started to feel more human again after a physically and mentally exhausting expedition. All the participants remarked on how much tougher the trip was then they anticipated, especially when you are carrying a 15kg kit bag up to Base Camp with you. Although the trip was tough the group remarked that their Everest trip had only wettened their appetite for a challenge and some of the participants have already signed up to their next challenge for a cause event.

Most importantly, for all their efforts, the group managed to raise an astonishing £50,000 for those in our sector who need assistance most. We’d like to say a massive thank you to the whole team for their fundraising efforts.

We'd like to say thank you to our flag sponsors: Keepmoat Homes, Rexel UK Ltd, Schneider Electric, Ansell Lighting, WMQ Building Services, Univolt UK, JR Pridham Services, EFT Consult, Metpro Ltd, Cogent, Glen Dimplex, Light Wave RF and Prysmian Group. 

Base Camp
GSD-2019-event-photos 0014 Dietzel univolt 2
GSD-2019-event-photos 0000 HES03929
GSD-2019-event-photos 0028 HES04434
GSD-2019-event-photos 0027 HES04446
GSD-2019-event-photos 0026 HES04456
GSD-2019-event-photos 0025 HES04461
GSD-2019-event-photos 0024 HES04466
GSD-2019-event-photos 0023 HES04513
GSD-2019-event-photos 0022 HES04530
GSD-2019-event-photos 0021 HES04536
GSD-2019-event-photos 0016 Ceenorm
GSD-2019-event-photos 0015 Cogent
GSD-2019-event-photos 0029 HES04418
GSD-2019-event-photos 0013 EFT Consult
GSD-2019-event-photos 0005 Parkour Generations
GSD-2019-event-photos 0012 Friday image
GSD-2019-event-photos 0002 Sundya
GSD-2019-event-photos 0003 Schneider Electric
GSD-2019-event-photos 0004 Prysmian Group
GSD-2019-event-photos 0001 WMQ 2
GSD-2019-event-photos 0006 On way back
GSD-2019-event-photos 0008 Lightwave pro
GSD-2019-event-photos 0009 Keepmoat homes
GSD-2019-event-photos 0010 JR Pirdham
GSD-2019-event-photos 0007 Metpro (2)
GSD-2019-event-photos 0011 Glen Dimplex 2
team 1
team 2
GSD-2019-event-photos 0039 HES04112
GSD-2019-event-photos 0050 Ansell
GSD-2019-event-photos 0048 eve 1
GSD-2019-event-photos 0043 HES03965
GSD-2019-event-photos 0042 HES03983
GSD-2019-event-photos 0041 HES04028
GSD-2019-event-photos 0040 HES04075-HDR
GSD-2019-event-photos 0038 HES04148
GSD-2019-event-photos 0034 HES04203-HDR
GSD-2019-event-photos 0033 HES04251-HDR
GSD-2019-event-photos 0032 HES04284
GSD-2019-event-photos 0031 HES04330
GSD-2019-event-photos 0030 HES04385
team 3