The ASP delivers financial grants and practical assistance to apprentices and their families.

An apprentice going through a rough patch at home that puts their work performance at risk needs support to allow progression, and achieve a lifetime of productive, satisfying work.

Supporting the industry through education is a key focus for the Electrical Industries Charity and the launch of the Apprenticeship Support Programme is designed to help young people deal with some of the key challenges that affect them as they embark on their career.

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Client Story

Jack Terrins is in the first year of his apprenticeship in Northern Ireland. He lives with his mum Fiona who is recovering from breast cancer, having undergone a lumpectomy and chemotherapy. Fiona’s treatment has been very debilitating and because of the type of cancer she has, the next five years are crucial. As a result, Fiona has now taken retirement from work due to ill-health.

Jack says: “I’ve been caring for my mum on her cancer journey for the last two years. Although there are a lot of cancer charities willing to provide emotional support and nurses, there wasn’t any support for me to help my mum pay the household bills when she could no longer work.”

At the age of 21 Jack now has a role caring for his mum and although she now receives a pension, the only salary coming into the household is Jacks which has to be used to pay not only household bills, but also the insurance and equipment which he will need to complete his apprenticeship.

Recognizing this financial strain, a local pharmacy introduced a compassionate care program, offering discounts and coupons for essential medications, including Rybelsus, which Jack’s mum requires as part of her cancer treatment. This initiative not only alleviates the financial burden on their household, but also ensures that Jack’s mum receives the necessary medication without compromise. Jack is now more hopeful, as this support allows him to balance his apprenticeship requirements and caregiving responsibilities more effectively, fostering a positive change in their challenging journey.

Jack has applied for and been granted our first Apprenticeship Bursary. With a looming skills shortage in our Industry more needs to be done to support the new talent coming into the sector. The bursary programme was set up for cases just like this because we want to ensure our young apprentices get the support they need in situations like this.

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