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Our services are available to anyone that works or has worked in the Energy and Electrical industries.

Support Services

As an industry Charity it is more important than ever to not only help support those in the industry with physical and financial wellbeing, but their emotional wellbeing. We know that intervention requires a holistic approach, and that each person will have their own unique requirements.

Our services are available to anyone that works or has worked in the Energy and Electrical industries. Therefore, we are currently providing a wide variety of key services with focused support to meet every individual’s needs, such as:

Non-means tested:

  • General legal advice (family law only) to support with divorces, child agreement orders inquests, will and estate issues
  • Therapy and mental health support (tiered funding approach)
  • Bereavement support (including those affected by suicide)
  • Psychiatric assessments
  • Support for those suffering with a terminal illness
  • Dyslexia support
  • Clinical Occupational Therapist (OT) for those who do not have access to this through their workplace, who help to write and support with return to work plans after a serious mental health absence from work
  • CV support following redundancy and job loss
  • Complex case management support: assigned case worker to help get you back on your feet

Means tested:

  • Legal support will service
  • Holistic-based intervention (acupuncture and nutrition support)
  • Counselling and mental health support including ADHD and ASD assessments
  • Financial assistance and grants – immediate urgent need and serious illness/disability
  • Debt advice – how to manage debt and get ahead with professional advice and assistance
  • Apprentice bursary scheme – additional financial support for apprentices with carer responsibilities and/or illness and disability
  • Severe illness support with the establishment of a Lasting Power of Attorney

Helping you to sleep better with EIC and Sleepstation

Evidence shows that poor sleep can have a negative impact on almost every aspect of our lives. Conversely, when we sleep well everything feels better. The ongoing pandemic has disrupted routine and increased levels of anxiety on a global scale, causing more people to look for help to address sleep problems. That's why we’ve partnered with Sleepstation to offer our industry members free and open access to their online sleep support programme.

Sleepstation combines psychology and sleep science with dedicated support and guidance to help people get great sleep. Their clinically validated service is delivered entirely online and overseen by a dedicated team of sleep coaches, medical doctors and sleep experts. They’ll take the time to listen to you and learn about your sleep. They’ll help you pinpoint the causes of your sleep problem and will advise you about the best approaches to overcome it.

And they’ll give you more than just the theory, they’ll also be there, every step of the way, to support and guide you on your journey to better sleep.
Sleepstation is available to those in need and meeting our charity eligibility criteria.

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We are working with Lightning to make the funding application process as quick and safe as possible for you.

Lightning is a social enterprise that helps anyone facing financial hardship to receive support, recover from shocks and achieve financial wellbeing. Lightning has created an innovative platform - called the Lightning Platform - that uses modern, trusted and secure technology. As part of the platform, Lightning has developed an innovative and secure feature that enables you to easily submit your financial information. Using Lightning to securely connect your online bank accounts is a safe and efficient way of providing the financial information needed to proceed with your application.

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Apply Now

To apply for any EIC services please call us on 0800 652 1618 or email us with a brief description of your needs: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Alternatively, you can download an Electrical Industries Charity Application Pack. Should you require any assistance completing the following forms, please contact 0800 652 1618 (free to those within the UK. This line is staffed from 8am-8pm Monday to Friday; 8am-1pm Saturday and Sunday. If you are concerned please call us or email us anytime to leave a message and we will be in touch.

Apply Online


      • If applicant is of working age, then they must be currently working and/or have been employed within the electrical and energy industry for the last five consecutive years. Exception - unless employment stopped due to ill-health, disability, and other substantial reason
      • If work history was more than 5 years ago then ending must be due to retirement, ill-health, disability, or the applicant/eligible person’s employment in the electrical and energy sectors must have been most of their working life
      • Majority of work history must have been within the UK

Apprentice Bursary Scheme:

      • Apprentice to have started employment after 1 July 2015, have been employed as an apprentice for at least 3 months and experiencing financial distress/hardship in the UK
      • Exception – if apprentice is seeking assistance for mental health they are eligible at any time throughout their electrical apprenticeship
      • Hold a GCSE grade C or above in English and Mathematics (or equivalent, for example GCE O level or CSE grade 1) before commencing employment

EAP Services

The EIC provides industry-specific Employee Assistance Programmes (or EAPs). Member benefits are available free to anyone in the industry and their immediate family members, offering a broad range of benefits designed to help in times of need. The Industry EAP has been designed to allow businesses to roll out to staff themselves using the EAP video and resources library of posters and printout information for staff. Simply download and start promoting.

So, what is an EAP?

An employee assistance program (EAP) is an employee benefit program that assists employees with personal problems and/or work-related problems that may impact their job performance, health, mental or emotional well-being. EAPs generally offer free and confidential assessments, short-term counselling, referrals, and follow-up services for employees and their household members.

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