We all enjoy our home comforts - such as being able to grab a shower or relaxing in a comfortable chair in the garden. However, over time, daily needs in the home can change, particularly in light of any illnesses that may occur.

The Electrical Industries Charity (EIC) recognises this and provides support to make transitions in the home smoother. One of the ways in which the Charity helps is through the Employee and Family Support Programme (EFP) which helps people in the electrical industry with a wide range of issues, including financial and ill health.

Terry Weir is a prime example of someone who has been greatly helped by EIC. Terry worked as an electrician for 47 years and was referred to EIC by his employer. After Terry suffered a serious stroke in which he lost his eyesight and ability to walk, his wife Paula gave up her job to care for her husband.

Four times a day, two carers visit Terry. Paula suffers with Psoriatic Arthritis and is in receipt of DLA and Carer’s Allowance, while Terry was assessed for Personal Independence Payment (PIP).

After enquiring at the council about a wet room, Paula was told there would be a two year wait. As Terry’s needs were immediate, Paula withdrew a lump sum from her pension to pay for a profiling bed, a wheelchair with a power pack to be operated by a carer and a rise and recline chair.

What’s more, Terry was unable to access his garden via his wheelchair due to the garden being on a different level. Through EFP, Terry was awarded a grant of £5,000 which went towards the cost of landscaping the garden with a step lift. 11 months after his stroke, Terry now enjoys his garden.

Small things such as relaxing in your garden with a loved one can make a huge difference when you are battling with health issues. If you would to like to help someone like Terry enjoy a brighter future, why not become a partner of EFP or play the Charity’s number one fundraising stream powerLottery to generate much-needed funds to help others.

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