Emerging Professionals Board

The electrical industry is currently faced with many challenges that are affecting thousands of people in our sector. To tackle the key issues affecting our industry such as the stigma of mental health problems and to provide maximum support to those who are struggling, the Electrical Industries Charity has recently created the Emerging Professionals Board and welcomed nine new members.

The Board members will be representing the views of the younger generation and will bring a fresh perspective and diversity into the electrical sector which is needed to help the Charity and the industry to move forward.

The nine selected members include Sarah Revell of R & B Star, Thomas Appleton and Juliet Muli of EDF, Samuel Ewuosho of the Department of Treasury and Energy and Michael Giles of the ECA. Also, Andy Reakes of Joint Industry Board (JIB), Danny Carey of Schneider Electric, Ollie Bishop of Ryness Electrical and Deborah Graham-Wilson of Eland Cables.

Ollie Bishop of Ryness Electrical, said: “One of the key issues within the industry is the introduction and development of those entering the industry, particularly those beginning their careers. The challenges facing young people in the industry are ever-changing and tackling them is key to creating a bright future for the industry. I will be hoping to create positive changes for the industry and those involved in it. This will be through the implementation of new initiatives and ideas, to further build upon the excellent work that the Charity already engages in.”

Over the two-year period, the Board will collectively focus on three core initiatives including the monitoring and the governance of the Big Build Project and securing revenue for the future generations through the Society Lottery. Additionally, the Board members will highlight the key issues affecting people in the electrical sector and will raise awareness of the importance of mental health issues which affect thousands of people in our sector.

Thomas Appleton, of EDF, added: “One of the biggest issues affecting individuals in our sector is the stigma of mental health issues and because of this people are suffering in silence when they could be seeking help. I am hoping to create a measurable positive impact on the projects assigned to the Emerging Professionals Board. I will also help to create and develop a group of highly competent, high performing Emerging Board members through collaboration and co-development of each other which will help to do some truly remarkable things in the future.”

Each quarter, two different members of the Emerging Professionals Board will attend the Charity’s Board meetings where they will have an opportunity to share their skills and ideas and leave a significant mark on the industry for the future generation. At the end of the two-year term, two of the Junior Board members will have an opportunity to become trustees for the Charity’s Trustee Board and continue to drive the industry forward and help the Charity to continue supporting thousands of people in their time of need.

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