This November is Movember and at the Electrical Industries Charity we’re highlighting some of the most prevalent issues facing men today. The electrical and energy sector consists of 85% men and on average men are 12 x less likely than women to go see a doctor for both their physical and mental health. This month we’re highlighting prostate cancer, testicular cancer and how to check for it and men’s mental health. It can be difficult to discuss these issues and the Electrical Industries Charity want to stop the stigma surrounding the health issues men face.

In 2020 Bell Lighting, industry heroes and ongoing supporters of the Electrical Industries Charity, celebrated their centenary - that's 100 years of lighting up our sector! To celebrate their centenary Bell Lighting had joined forces with EIC to sponsor all events and feature at the prestigious powerBall 2020 hosted at the London Hilton on Park Lane. Unfortunately, due to the ongoing pandemic Bell Lighting's celebrations were scuppered and powerBall cancelled. While we have been unable to celebrate in our normal way we wanted to extend a special thank you and congratulations to Bell Lighting on their 100 years. 

October is Women’s Health month with the Electrical Industries Charity. It is so important to keep track of our health and understand the intricacies of both our physical and mental health. Although our sector is 85% male almost 30% of calls to the Electrical Industries Charity are from females within our industry. Recently, Danielle, an electrical apprentice, was put in touch with the charity by her family who reached out when they became concerned by her obsessive behaviours.

When the unimaginable happens the EIC are here to help. When Shane took his wife and two young daughters on holiday to Great Yarmouth he didn't expect to end up rushed to hospital with heart failure.

Our sector has one of the highest divorce rates of all industries with 69.8% of relationships ending in divorce. This is largely due to long hours, time away from home, infidelity or caring for a sick child or parent.

During Mental Health Awareness Week we launched our Virtual Mental Health Awareness Training Course which can be undertaken from your front room with just a device and internet connection.

We all understand that it is important to be able to be who you feel you are no matter who that person is. As our society evolves and perceptions change, the idea of being able to be who you want with no fear is now a reality for a lot of people. Although being part of the LGBTQ+ community is more commonplace than ever many individuals still struggle trying to find their own identity and establish who they are.

To keep our services available to the industry we rely on organisations to partner with the EIC and help promote our initiatives across the sector, by becoming an EIC champion organisation.

We can give a hand-up to everyone in our industry.

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