The Electrical Industries Charity celebrated the 85th Anniversary of the Southern Region Spring Ball with the Royal Marines Band marching up a storm.

The Virgin Money London Marathon proved to be a fantastic success for the Electrical Industries Charity (EIC) with seven charity runners collectively raising over £8,000.

The breakdown of a relationship can be one of the hardest things that you face in life, particularly when children are involved. Sometimes a broken heart can lead to mental health problems, anxiety or depression and as a result, this can create difficulties at work.

Alcohol is one of the most widely consumed addictive substances in the world. Some people can control how much they drink, but others find it very difficult to drink in moderation.

Stress affects each and every one of us at some point in our lives – but it is how we manage it that controls the impact it has on us.

More than a third of UK population will develop some form of cancer during their lifetime. Cancer can occur in over 200 different forms and can be a life-changing illness which can bring many physical, emotional and financial challenges to an individual and their loved ones.

Overcoming an addiction is an incredibly tough challenge. The NHS estimates that just under one in 10 men and one in 20 women in the UK show signs of alcohol dependence. Very often, addiction is an early warning sign of mental health problems, therefore quick intervention is critical.

Being diagnosed with cancer can come as a huge shock to anyone and can bring confusion, anger and uncertainty which can be difficult to cope with financially emotionally and physically.

We can give a hand-up to everyone in our industry.

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