When a couple enters into marriage, the aim is for marital bliss and to stay together ‘until death do us part’. Unfortunately, unforeseen problems such as pressures at work, illness or financial concerns can cause friction in a marriage and ultimately this can lead to divorce. Subsequently, this can impact the whole family both physically and emotionally…

When problems develop in a relationship as a result of an addiction it can be the cause of great distress, creating feelings of anger, sadness, grief and isolation and can often lead to further problems for the whole family.

Did you know that you can help to change the lives of thousands of people in the electrical sector through the simple touch of a button? The Electrical Industries Charity (EIC) supports people facing challenging periods in their lives in a variety of ways and one of the most fun and rewarding is by playing powerLottery.

Relationship abuse can take many different forms. It involves more than physical violence. It can be when someone puts you down and makes you feel worthless and useless, telling you that you are mad or ill or making false allegations and accusations.

When you are looking after someone, especially in difficult circumstances, they are your main priority and often any thoughts of your own needs or wellbeing are long forgotten.

We all enjoy our home comforts - such as being able to grab a shower or relaxing in a comfortable chair in the garden. However, over time, daily needs in the home can change, particularly in light of any illnesses that may occur.

The Electrical Industries Charity is extremely proud to announce that the team of three enthusiastic trekkers are back from the biggest challenge of the year – the Great Wall of China trek 2018.

In difficult times the support of your family makes a huge difference, such as a family member coming to an appointment with you or looking after you following an operation

We can give a hand-up to everyone in our industry.

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